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本来,动名词放在这里没有结构问题。 但是语法习惯上,不会这么说,往往采用的是be of great benefit of sb to do sth这样的结构。

benefit sb a lot get lots of benefit from... there are many benefits to doing the benefit of sth the benefit of doing sth

只能用for的情况 be beneficial for somebody to do sth 其他的for/to sb/sth 随便用,都是没错的 不过to是标准搭配 例句 I think it would be ...

日 - he will c o ntinue to make similar c o nt ributio ns in this House ...inue to do in t he futur e f o r t h e b enefit of us a

就是只有sth benefit sb. 和sb. be benefit from sth. 或者是 benefit sth. 吧……

benefit sb in doing sth 有利于某人做某事

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