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BEnEFit Doing

benefit sb a lot get lots of benefit from... there are many benefits to doing the benefit of sth the benefit of doing sth

要看你的句子主语是什么了。如果主语是一件实际的事情,后面就用be beneficial to doing sth. 如:Reading a lot is beneficial to (improving) your ...

你说的对。 要记住类似的短语

本来,动名词放在这里没有结构问题。 但是语法习惯上,不会这么说,往往采用的是be of great benefit of sb to do sth这样的结构。

benefit sb in doing sth 有利于某人做某事

You can benefit by doing sports.你可以受益于做运动

Different sports have different benefit. Players get healthy bodies when doing sports. Such as basketball, players get to run a lot and exercise their ...

It is clear that while self-awareness is a healthy quality, overdoing it...A. A. Shy people benefit from their caring about their appearance. 害羞的...

They are not capable of doing the work. 他们没有能力做这件工作。 (四)...He has the capability to benefit from university education. 第一句的ability...

,differ from(不同于,区别于),distinguish between(区别,区分),benefit from(...from doing sth.(防止、阻止某人做某事)keep sb. from doing sth.(阻止某人...

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