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Smoking is bad for your health NO SMOKING! no one is allowed to smoke at office I like smoking so much!

Smoking - A Bad Habit People smoke mostly in the form of cigarette.Some people use even cigar,beedi,pipes etc.All these contain dried leaves of tobacco plant.A cigarette or any such thing is lit for the purpose of inhaling smok...

As everybody know,smoking is mostly bad to our health. But actually,everything have a bad side with a good side,the same as smoking. I believe a lot of people smoke not because it looks cool,its because they are always worry ab...

我可以在房间里抽烟吗 Can I smoke in the room? 备注: can 情态动词 ,能 smoke 不及物动词, 抽烟 in the room 在房里,作状语

Smoking may cause heart disease. 全句为主谓宾句式,主语为smoking,谓语为may cause,其中情态动词may用来表示可能性,宾语为heart disease。

Smoking is bad for your health. Quit smoking eraly is good for your health.

No smoking , No crying. If you smoke , tomorrow is a good day to die. It is easier to start than it is to stop. Tobacco , it's killing the one you love

Try to smoke less drinking less a day to maintain your health and mood.

一但吸烟成瘾了,这很难去戒掉的。But smoking addiction, it is hard to quit.


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